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Issue 36 – Winter 05-06

Issue 36 - Winter 05-06

“Night Frisbee” by Jazz Minh Moore 98” X 32”, oil on panel

‘Night Frisbee’ depicts shadowy figures throwing glow in the dark disks around in that half-light of twilight. The setting is a park, situated between a pristine moonlit lake and a Gotham-style city. Wind blows the protagonist’s hair toward the lake, blocking a piercing gaze that would have been directed at the viewer. Red-orange orbs of color stand in for street lamps. The color is designed to create a physiological response in the viewer, adding to the perception of the piece.

Jazz-Minh Moore graduated with her BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, and has just finished her Masters of Fine Art degree at California State University, Long Beach. Since moving to Long Beach, Jazz Minh’s work has addressed a balance between nature and culture, representation and abstraction, color and form. Though her work can be described as urban, there is always a bit of the Oregon woods she grew up influencing her subject matter and her style of painting.

Winter '05-'06 Issue 36

Bumping into People & Social Taboos
by Heidi Beierle

Cancer Patients & Bodywork Therapies
by Alicia Swaringen

Super Size Orgasms?
by Marnia Robinson

Heavy Metal: Mercury in the Mouth and the Coming Crisis
by Russ Tanner

Medical Marijuana
Update on Senate Bill 1085

by Stormy Ray

Physicians’ Perspective:
Medical Marijuana Act Amended for 2006: First Impressions

by Dr. Rick Bayer, MD

Getting a New Perspective on Money
by Steven Sashen

Ugly Money and Its Solution
by Harry Lonsdale

Common Sense, Again
Poem by William Benz

America’s Weapons
Wounding the World

by Brian Bogart

Opening Up Hearts Minds One More Time
by Shannon Floyd

The Noyes Factor
Public Enema Number Two

by Brock Noyes

Winter Theories on Parental Units
by Asia Kindred Moore

We’ve Been Living in a Dream World
by Jean-Claude Koven

Life Advice
from Catherine Ingram

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