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Issue 47 – Fall 08

Issue 47 - Fall 08

“The War Widow” (Vedova di Guerra) by Jerry Ross

Jerry Ross studied at the Albright Art School and under Anthony Sisti. He has had multiple one-person shows, with a gold medal in a 2006 painting competition in Corsico (Milan), Italy. He is influenced by the Italian I. Macchiaioli and verismo schools of Italian art. He founded the popular Salon des Refuses art show and was a founding member of DIVA in Eugene. Local awards for his paintings include Mayor’s Art show awards for “La Mamma: Portrait of Stephania Mastrocinque” and “Vedova di Guerra” (The War Widow). Jurors for the Corsico award wrote that his work represented “a sort of naturalism founded upon a twentieth century matrix and a tonal type of chromatism with strong, sculptural effect to construct a composed, poetic atmosphere.”

Generation 911: Approaching the Dream First Days in Paris
by Asia Kindred Moore & Casandra Johns

Compressed Air Car is Coming
by Elise Thiel

Imagine Your Imago Liberating the Imaginal Cells of the Human Psyche
Interview of Bill Plotkin by Alternatives Editors

Yoga and Social Justice
by Sarahjoy Marsh

To Serve in Your Own Way - The College Inside Program
by Shawn McWeeny with Blaze Compton

Out of Hell: A Pilgrim's Journey
by Brother Bob

Your Body is a Garden: Cultivating a Sustainable Healthcare System
by Rob Singer

Japanese Acupuncture for Depression
by Bart Walton

Getting to Know Chiropractic
by Glenda Culbertson

Physicians' Perspective: Healthy Healhcare Policy
by Dr. Rick Bayer, MD

Environmental Amnesia
by Sandra Steingraber

We Are All Shamans in Training
by Paul Levy

VOTE NOW!! Or Forever Hold Your Peace
by David Tomsic

The Turning Wheel: Astrology for rEvolutionaries Summer, 2008
by Rhea Wolf

Life Advice from Catherine Ingram

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