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Issue 3 – Fall 1997

Issue 3 - Fall 1997

Cover Art & Artist

“Absorbed” is a work of art by Jazz Minh Claire Moore, a student at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. “I’ve put the viewer of the piece in the exact nook where I used to sit for hours, listening to Stephen play. No background is pictured because, in the music, it didn’t exist–only the music. Stephen prefers to play on the older pianos because, as he says, “They sing. They are unique and hand-crafted and imperfect.” In this painting, I hoped to capture the hypnotic intensity when the world disappears and only the music and the listener are left. The notes have control over me.”

Jazz attended Cleveland High School (Portland) and graduated from South Salem High (Salem) in 1996. She was recipient of a Kreilsheimer Scholarship award to attend Cornish. This work of art is currently in a private collection in Seattle.

Opening Thoughts

Musings on Family as a Spiritual Practice: North Cascades National Park & Part 2
by Raymond Diaz

Disease As A Spiritual Path & Part 2 & Part 3
by Frederick Mills

Urban Shamanism: From the Old to the New
by Ness Mountain

Communication-Loving the World into Life
by Morgan Jurdan

Reflections on Simplicity. . . How I Re-Inhabited My Community
by Carolyn Berry

Medical Waste: Healthy, Cheaper Alternatives than Incineration
by Ellen Twist

Back In The World
by Geronimo Tagatac

Rapid Eye Technology
by Ranae Johnson

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