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Alternatives Magazine Issue 53 Spring 2010

Alternatives Magazine Issue 53 Spring 2010

“Nadia - Intersection”

by Jazz-minh Moore

Jazz-minh Claire Moore was born in a cabin in the woods of Oregon, at Breitenbush Hot Springs Retreat and Conference Center. She currently lives and works in Greenwich Village, New York City. Jazz-minh’s work is deeply inspired by the slow to evolve, organic geometry of ‘nature’, while also absorbing the quick grids and electricity of the city. Her work reflects the emotional paradox that her commitment to both ‘nature’ and ‘culture’ evokes in her.

Jazz-minh holds a BFA from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, and an MFA from California State University, Long Beach. Her paintings have been shown on both coasts of the United States and in France, with solo exhibitions in Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Paris. Her work has been included in New York exhibitions at Haunch of Venison, Lyons Wier Gallery, White Box, Artists Space and Jack the Pelican Presents, and she is currently working on a 2010 solo show for Lyons Wier Gallery NYC. She has been featured in various publications, including Zingmagazine, Dazed Digital, and the OC Weekly. To view more of her work, as well as curatorial and outreach projects, please visit www.jazzminh.com.

Green Burial
by Elizabeth Fournier

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Insights at the Edge - The InnerView with Reggie Ray
by Tami Simon

MONSANTO - The Evil Corporation in Your Refrigerator
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A Farmer Speaks - Small is Beautiful (and Radical)
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Health Wisdom: Pay Attention to the Direction of Health
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Can Clearer Vision Rescue the Peace Movement?
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Commitment and Inverse Reminders
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Heart of the Matter
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The Easy Path - Letter to Myself on the Cusp of Birth
by Anna Tennis

Physicians’ Perspective: Medical Cannibis and Good Neighbors
by Dr. Rick Bayer, MD

The Turning Wheel: Astrology for rEvolutionaries, Spring, 2010
by Rhea Wolf

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