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Astrology for rEvolutionaries – Opening the Door

Astrology for rEvolutionaries - Opening the Door - Spring 2010 by Rhea Wolf

By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard some mention of 2012—whether as a bad disaster movie or collective evolutionary jump. If indeed something big is coming in a couple of years, then this is the year that gets us primed for such events. The astrological transits for 2010 are powerful, with all the transpersonal outer planets in play (Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus) as well as the more personal Jupiter, Saturn and Chiron. There is a number of themes we will see playing out through the early fall, with effects that reach much further than the calendar year. Here’s what to expect:

The unexpected: (you saw that coming, didn’t you?) The T-Square between Saturn, Pluto and Uranus is a challenging but transformative aspect. If we are willing to embrace uncertainty, we will be better equipped to meet the year ahead. This transit asks us to confront the illusion of control. Surrendering control opens our eyes and hearts to the present moment. Admitting we don’t have control makes us have to listen and respond. The intense energy of this configuration will continue into the summer. If you are feeling pushed to make a change in your life, this is the time you’ve been waiting for. You don’t have to know why or what the “new” you will look like. In fact, it’s better if you let go of any preconceived notions of the future. The double-dutch jump ropes are spinning. It looks scary from the outside but once you jump in, you’ll find your rhythm. (And remember that it takes practice.)

Facing hard truths: Since 2008, we’ve witnessed the shake-up of the economy and political landscape—and questioned the basic fundamentals of the “American Dream.” This has meant a lot of stress and suffering for many people in terms of job loss and lack of resources. Now the energy is searching for resolution. If things go well, it will be a year of rapid changes and new initiatives to undo the damage caused by rampant greed and unfettered capitalism. If we resist making changes to our way of life, we risk creating an even harder landing in the future. We may indeed see some changes happening on the global scale, but really the deepest work is happening behind the scenes, in our own hearts and minds, and in our families. No one’s coming to save us. We have to take initiative to transform the infrastructure of our families, our economies, and our communities. Small steps matter. Individuals and smaller groups are better equipped to change. Larger organizations and institutions have a harder time of it and will hold on more tightly to the last vestiges of power as a result.

Health and Sanity: We tend to place sanity and insanity in the spectrum of an individual’s psychology. But it’s time to look at the bigger picture. Individual afflictions and disturbances are often signs of a larger imbalance. Here in Oregon, the number of calls to help-lines from people considering suicide has increased dramatically in the past year. There is no shortage of troubling statistics of this sort. To get a clearer picture of what needs healing in our society, we ask ourselves who’s been left out? To get a picture of what needs healing in our own hearts and minds, we can ask the same question. What parts of myself have I closed out of my life? Have I shut out painful information, thinking it will keep me safe?

There are also bright lights emerging from the Neptune-Chiron conjunction in Aquarius, which was exact for the first time on February 17. I’ve been hearing more about free treatments being offered at health clinics—acupuncture, energy healing, massage. There are now five herb schools in Portland, placing our city on the map of the new culture of health and sanity. In Eugene, Dr. Pamela Wible held community meetings to find out how to create a more humane and affordable model of healthcare (find out more at www.idealmedicalpractice.org). More people are learning how to care for the

mselves and their loved ones, rather than waiting for insurance or the government to get its act together. National healthcare reform may still happen while Saturn moves back into the health-oriented sign of Virgo from April until July. But why wait? A community-based model of healthcare is re-emerging. Let’s take our dreaming to the next step and really see how we can pull the plug on profit-based healthcare.

The year ahead is likely to throw us plenty of curve balls. But regardless of astrological indicators, there will always be new challenges or unexpected strife, just as there will be surprising joys and unanticipated windfalls. What matters, then? You tell me.

Rhea Wolf is an astrologer, writer, and spiritual activist. To find out what the year holds for you, contact her for a reading. She is available by phone and in person for astrology readings and shamanic healing.

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