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Issue 1 – Spring 1997

Issue 1 - Spring 1997

Cover Art & Artist

The planet earth is a dwindling repository of natural treasures: lavishly forested land, powerful rivers and oceans, vast skylines, clean air and majestic wildlife. As one in awe of such beauty and concerned with conservation of all natural resources and life forms, Jim Lind feels a sense of commitment toward helping enhance our planet's chances of survival. As an artist, he works to engender public understanding of the inter relatedness of all natural resources and species.

Jim uses the mandala, a universal symbol of wholeness, unity, and the reintegration of opposites, to promote this awareness.

Jim does commissions combining an individual's totem animals, colors, personal symbols and images. His artwork is displayed at Crystal Power & Light Co. Gallery, 100 Commercial St. NE, Salem, OR (503) 581- 3024.

Spring '97 Issue 1

Opening Thoughts

by Richard Baynton

One Man's Antidote for Salem
by John Rude

Socially Responsible Business Practices, Salem Style & Part 2
by Susan Cassuto

Here's My Beef
by Tom Duffey

"EarthSave" Salem Chapter
by Carolyn Berry

WE (Willamette Eco-Alliance) Has Arrived
by Laine Young

A Return To The Garden - Nature, The Divine Healer
by Michelle Catalani-Stringham

Opal Creek Preserved
by Michael Donnelly

Leadership From A Pure Heart
by Jacqueline Mandell

Transformation - The Way Through
by Helen Jeanne Bibelheimer

Salem Spring Without Allergies
by Kathy West

Wallamet Valley Environmental Center Invites Your Energy
by Peter Moore

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