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Issue 30 – Summer 2004

Issue 30 - Summer 2004

La Mariposa by Rebecca Singer

Rebecca Singer is an artist, actress and teacher who has travelled extensively and has made Costa Rica her home, as well as eastern Oregon.

She studied and worked with the Lakota medicine woman Patricia Spradling, whose roots are part Irish and part Lakota. From her Rebecca learned to be aware of the Four Directions, and the energies in each direction. She learned to hike barefoot throughout the Columbia River Gorge, and on other mountains in Oregon. She learned to bring the heat of the earth into her body, to walk in the snow, and to connect profoundly with the earth.

During the last ten years, Rebecca has combined Energy work with massage, and has begun leading individuals and groups to understand the power of grounding and connecting with Mother Earth. At the lively age of 54, it is her heart’s desire to guide other people to experience the wonder of the order in the natural world and the intention of love, light and healing in the universe.

Contact Rebecca Singer at: Telephone: (506) 645-6789; Email: [email protected]; website: www.tropical-energy.com

Summer '04 Issue 30

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