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Issue 50 Summer ’09

Issue 50 Summer '09

Faery Godmother

by Brian Froud

 For over 30 years, Brian Froud has been regarded as the pre-eminent faerie artist in the world and an authority on faeries and faerie lore. His international best-selling  book, FAERIES with fantasy and Tolkien illustrator Alan Lee  is considered a modern  classic. His landmark work with Jim Henson as conceptual designer on feature films THE DARK CRYSTAL, LABYRINTH and other Henson projects set new standards for design, puppeteering and animatronics in film and are considered landmarks in the evolution of modern day special effects and attract an international cult following . With over 8 million books sold to date, Brian’s international best sellers include LADY COTTINGTON’S PRESSED FAIRY BOOK, GOOD FAERIES / BAD FAERIES and THE FAERIES’ ORACLE and LADY COTTINGTON’S FAIRY ALBUM. Other works with text by Ari Berk include GOBLINS!, RUNES OF ELFLAND, LADY COTTINGTON PRESSED FAIRY LETTERS and BRIAN FROUD’S WORLD OF FAERIE.

Brian’s work has been licensed by numerous licensing companies internationally. His  work inspires Faerieworlds and FaerieCon, festival events that attract over 25,000 guests annually. Brian is currently creating concept designs for a sequel to THE DARK CRYSTAL, produced by the Jim Henson Company and developing a film with the Walt Disney Company based on his book, GOBLINS!’ His work has been featured in exhibitions throughout the world and his paintings reside in many private and public collections.  Brian lives in Devon, England with his wife, internationally acclaimed doll maker Wendy Froud. The official website of Brian & Wendy Froud is: www.worldoffroud.com.

Robert Gould IMAGINOSIS [email protected] 818 783 6520

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