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Issue 22 – Summer 02

Issue 22 - Summer 02

“Life Is But A Dream" (watercolor), from the Journey Line by Nancy Bright

“Borne of the desire to express my deepest passions—the deluge of emo-tion, the turmoil of pain, the beauty of a vision, or the mystery of a dream—the “Journeys Line” has emerged.

Over the years I have realized that these paintings are an intensely personal, visual autobiography that not only provide for me a livelihood, but bring a natural evolution of healing and resolve to each of life’s transitions from which they were inspired.

It is an ever-continuing challenge to master the technique of watercolor and to embrace my heart’s knowledge soundly enough to transform its visions into art. As I cultivate this gift and share it with others, in turn, my most treasured blessing is in knowing that others have been touched in some small way.”

Nancy Bright is a self-taught watercolor painter widely recognized for her touching spiritual imagery. For a free catalogue of greeting cards and prints call 541-342-8051. You can also visit Bright Creations on the world wide web at www.brightcreationsart.com. Nancy also sells at the Eugene Saturday Market, space # 95.

Summer '02 Issue 22

Putting Campaign Finance Reform On The Ballot
By Lloyd Marbet

“You Can’t Eat Money!” Interview with Granny D
By Peter Moore

Risk-Benefit Profile of Commonly Used Herbs: Legal & Otherwise
By Rick Bayer, MD

Leaving Home:
Lessons in Listening

By Ness Mountain

Alberta Abalone, Not the Pearl-On the Invisibility of Everything that Matters
By William P. Benz

What Democracy? (Part 1)
By Harry Lonsdale

The Healing Art of Tarot
By Toni Gilbert

Radical Astrology
By Emily Trinkaus

Dreams of Kindness, Love & Grace
By Carolyn Berry

Meditation Practice
By Debrah Kristine Harding

Who Is My Family, Really? The Projective Tendencies of the Mind In Dreams and Reality
By Paul Levy

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